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Hello Everyone!

First of all, thank you for visiting.  If you're here it means that you've been informed somehow of my existence and what I'm aiming to do.  The main objective of which is making gorgeous, one-off and hand-made pieces of jewellery for you or those close to you.  I make this my work because everyone deserves to feel wonderful by just being themselves and expressing their personality.  I have an environmentally-friendly  studio in the sunny, hilly suburb of St Lucia and I often go exploring out and about, which is usually the inspiration for my pieces.  Feel free to contact me via email at enquiries@karahsindenjewellery.com.au for any questions or commissions!






I've completed my Bachelor of Fine Art and Honours in Fine Art, majoring in Jewellery and Small Objects at the Queensland College of Art.  This institution is the only tertiary one in Queensland that teaches metalsmithing.  I often consider QCA the home from where I started.  There are always so many possibilities!

Among the pieces you'll see here will be the techniques of saw-piercing, chain-making, soldering, roller-milling, doming, reticulation, riveting, forging, enamelling and many more!  Some of these I learned at QCA, others I learned from master classes and I've spent years honing them.  I try and learn a new one each year.  Perhaps my favourite realisation of jewellery is that there is so much to learn!  There is such a rich history and everyone can appreciate it.

About Me

I care about the environment.  I care about people's wellbeing.  I try to make that cohesive in my work.  I want to make jewellery that everyone feels good wearing.  It's got to be comfortable, look appealing and have a bit of quirk to it.  I currently stock at The Collective Store in Wynnum, Handmade Highstreet in Annerley, Reverse Garbage at Woolloongabba and I'll be re-stocking at Bleeding Heart shortly!  It takes time, love, patience and a lot of energy to make my work so I'm in the middle of creating new series for every stockist!  Let me know if there's a market you'd like to see me at!