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April 04, 2013 at 4:58 AM

Hello All!

So I met with James last week, (who made this brilliant website for me), and we went over what I could do to change it.  First positive - everything is now in English and no longer in Latin!  As beautiful as Latin is!  It's reminded me that I need to have more decent images of my work, instead of the random ones I take of nature that I want to re-create afterwards.  I'm going to keep updating what I'm doing over here to let everyone know.  My current goal is to re-stock at Handmade Highstreet, The Collective Store, Reverse Garbage and re-enter Bleeding Heart!  I've also got a couple of commissions to do and now it's just time to play catch-up.  I've just submitted my Expression of Interest for the Jewellery and Metalsmith's group of Queensland's exhibition in July!  Wish me luck!  *crosses fingers*


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